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CFD Exceptional Presentations


In the following post I shall present some simulations which I have found to be both exceptionally pre and post 7presented and especially predictive.

Other presentation are theoretical q and Aerodynamics reviews rather than simulations which were found by me to stand out of the ordinary.

Far and foremost the presentations chosen as to motivate you for a life of enjoyable CFD and beyond.

  1. It’s always best to begin with Dr. Shawn Achor’s TED presentation for motivating an enjoyable CFD practice:The happy secret to better work | Shawn Achor
  2. Phil Roe’s Colorful Fluid Dynamics: Behind the Scenes” is a an informative and enjoyable historical review of CFD evolution:Colorful Fluid Dynamics: Behind the Scenes
  3. Doug McLean’s presentation “Common Misconceptions in Aerodynamics” is actually a preview for a seminal and intuitive book “Understanding Aerodynamic” I especially recommend.
  4. Neil Ashton’s “Turbulence: Finding Order in Chaos”. This TED presentation does not stand on a mathematical basis but gives the wise intellectual listener a motivating approach for the ever so exciting and extraordinary concept of Turbulence.Turbulence: Finding Order in Chaos
  5. Boston University’s Prof. Lorena Barba complete CFD online tutorial. This set of lectures are the basics for every CFD practitioner without which it is impossible to practice reliable CFD.CFD Lectures – Boston University
  6. KTH’s Dan Henningson et al. DNS of the structure of a boundary layer by DNS (I shall admit it was hard to choose by such a variety of KTH simulations regarding the field of turbulence and especially transition)Turbulent Boundary Layer (APS Gallery Submission)
  7. Flow with the Flow


    Some shall be added as we blog along… Enjoy 😉

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